About Us

                  Teppan 101 serves Asian-fusion dishes, taking our inspiration from dishes around the region, delivered through a unique grilling experience. Apart from using the best dishes, Teppan 101 also employs the best, most engaging chefs around who not just promised to deliver a show, but picturesque dishes.

                  Located just near Rizal Highway, Teppan 101 is the perfect venue for families, friends and even business executives to dine, lounge and experience the only Teppanyaki grill in Subic. With three griddles, an executive room and a mezzanine lounge to boot, customers a well-assured that they get value for their money.

What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is actually derived from the word Teppan, which means iron plate in Nihongo, and Yako which means grilled. Put them together and what have you got?
A unique Asian-fusion dining experience in the heart of Subic.
Find out more about Teppanyaki and Teppan 101 and give us a try.