Chef Profile

Chef JM

Chef JM Lim is Teppan 101’s epitome of what is “Asian-fusion.” After realizing his dreams of becoming a chef while studying architecture, Chef JM brought his keen attention to detail to the kitchen to create masterful dishes, molded mainly by passion, taste and experience.

But Chef JM did not just let experience alone train him, as he has also been under the tutelage of world renowned culinary experts like Taiwan-based Chef Mori, who personally trained Chef JM in the art of preparing sumptuous Japanese delights.

Chef JM also underwent training in Center for Asian Culinary Studies where he was able to develop his own flare and style that can truly be described as Asian-fusion.

Get to know Chef JM and the rest of Teppan 101, as they bring you a unique Asian-fusion experience in the heart of Subic.